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Obsessão (Monsueto) – Karen Quiroz and David Martin Guitar/voice duo from October, 2012 of vocalist Karen Quiroz and me on guitar.


My Musical World

November 9, 2011
David Martin Music

Hello all! My first “blog” is really just a little promotion for all of my musical happenings both in Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR. I’m a guitarist and bassist living in Minneapolis, MN. I have two CDs of my own called Reflection and Tough Commute that I did in 2009 and 2014 with Portland guitarist/bassist/luthier Mike Doolin. It’s original jazz/fusion/funk oriented instrumental music. We played concerts in Portland, Minneapolis, and in my home state of West Virginia to promote them. In Minneapolis, I play with Salsa del Soul, Tropical Zone, K-Libre-24, and Beira Mar Brasil as well as lots of other local folks. I also teach private guitar and bass lessons from my home or travel to other homes. Email if interested at Davemusic@hotmail.com. Some links around the interweb are: My CDs are here with links for where to buy. My YouTube page is here. My Facebook Music Page is here. My Reverbnation page is here. My Google+ Music Page is here. My SoundCloud page is here. My All About Jazz page is here. My Picasa page is here. My Flickr page is here. My personal Facebook page is here. Hope you enjoy some of the songs, videos, and pictures and hope to see you out at a show sometime soon! David