I’m a guitarist and bassist, originally from the Ohio/West Virginia area. Most of the last 25 years I’ve been in Minneapolis playing all styles on both instruments. I was in Portland, OR in 2008-’09 where I’ve recorded 3 CDs with fellow guitarist Mike Doolin. Our newest CD is Dark Star (2016). My newest CD is ‘Play On‘ (2019) with vocalist Vicky Mountain. I recently received a 2020 Artist Rescue Trust Grant,a 2020 Twin Cities Music Community Trust Grant, and a 2020 Springboard for the Arts Grant.

Locally, I play in Salsa del Soul, Beira Mar Brasil, The Bill Simenson Orchestra, and accompany many vocalists around town such as Maryann Sullivan, Vicky Mountain, and Paula Lammers. I also do a variety of music at several churches in the Twin Cities area.

Below is an interview with Maryann Sullivan on KBEM Jazz 88.5:

Contact me at (651)647-1595 or use email form below:





  1. Hi there…I do not think you are the guy, but thought you might have some info. I’m looking for a David T. Martin who lived in Minneapolis for awhile, was a musician, mostly a pianist, but also worked in nutrition. He attended FSU in Tallahassee back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. If you know anything, please let me know!

  2. Nope, must be another one. There are other musicians at davidmartin.com and davidmartin.net too but don’t believe either spent any time here. We’re everywhere!

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