‘Reflection’ CD Review on iTunes by bionictangerine

by bionictangerine

I’ve been a fan of Mike Doolin for about a year now – and this album, which he recorded with his pal David Martin – is not to be missed out on. These two are fantastic live, and if you miss a chance to see them together, you’ll kick yourself. They both have amazing guitar and bass playing skills, and make everything look effortless, natural and joyful. “Reflection” features songs written by each of them, and is as rich and rewarding as the best first cup of coffee you’ve ever had waking up to the sun after a night of hard rain. It’s eclectic enough for every section of your favorite sunday newspaper. David Martin currently calls West Virginia home, while Mike Doolin is in Portland, Oregon; so your opportunity to see either one of them is currently coastal. They do get together though, so keep an eye out. The whole album is a must-have, but I’m currently digging “Riane,” “Sumb Thumb,” and “B Movie Love Theme.” A set of 11 very happy discoveries. ‘Reflection’ CD Review on iTunes by bionictangerine