‘Reflection’ CD Review by Jerome Lawrence Beckley

“There is nothing negative i can say about the music. I am very impressed! You should be very proud. This CD is beautifully produced, creative, and well conceived. I might add the engineering was spot-on, too. I enjoyed the different aural aspects of the instrumentation. The inventive sound effects on the guitars are a treat. This is a mature, confident, professional project. The execution, meaning the playing, is excellent. Really, I can’t say anything negative at all, just a great group of songs played superbly. I have to admit that my mind wandered a bit on some of the solos. I wouldn’t call it overplaying or “noodling”. I chalk it up to my own short attention span. The artists that came to mind while I listened are Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Lee Ritenour and yes, Frank Zappa. I love the modern feel to this, the “fusion” feel of jazz with rock. I know that’s nothing new, but this CD felt new and inspired. The innovative rhythm interested me a lot. I like to be challenged. All in all, a very satisfying listen. the CD will be in my car. I will listen to it as much as “There and Back” by Jeff Beck or “Wes Bound” by Ritenour. I will also recommend this CD to friends I think will enjoy this. My favorite tunes are “B” Movie Love Theme, Sumb Thumb, Red State, and Fool Me Once. That’s from the first listen. I’m sure i will find more to like. Thank you for the privilege to listen and give my review. Much appreciated.” -January 3, 2011 ‘Reflection’ CD Review by Jerome Lawrence Beckley