Samba Meu

Samba Meu is a Twin Cities-based acoustic Brazilian music ensemble led by vocalist Karen Quiroz with master World Music percussionist Tim O’Keefe, and David Martin on acoustic guitar and electric bass.  Samba Meu brings you the best in Brazilian contemporary and roots music in a variety of formats: Duo (guitar and vocals), Quartet or Trio (percussion, acoustic guitars, electric bass, and vocals), Pagode Party (variety of percussion, acoustic guitar, cavaco, and vocals)- When 5 – 7 hand drummers take to the stage, you know you are in for something completely different!  Pagode (Brazilian roots revival music) is the perfect complement to a bill of folk music from Latin America or the U.S., or for a community event where you want maximum audience participation.  We’ve been known to distribute egg shakers, teach samba steps and always get the audience singing on these tunes that are heavy on simple-to-learn refrains and dynamic polyrhythms that keep the party going!

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